7 Tips for Maintaining Your Yard

Maintaining Your Yard

If you have a lovely backyard, it goes without saying that it needs regular maintenance to stay in its best state. The grass can grow in no time and can make your beautiful yard look like a jungle. It also increases the chances of inviting insects and wild animals which can be dangerous for everyone in your family. Use these tips to maintain your yard and keep it beautiful always.

Clean the leaves

If you have trees and shrubs in your yard, then cleaning leaves during the fall becomes a chore. Most of the trees shed during winter to welcome new leaves in spring. Clean the fallen leaves in time before it starts rotting. You can use the pile of leaves to make compost for your plant beds.

Clean the leaves

Clean the thatch

When you have cleaned up the leaves, it is time to rake the thatch and any grass blades that have grown over time. Wait for a dry day to do the raking so that the thatch cut evenly and does not dig up grass seeds.

Get rid of weeds

Weeds are an unnecessary consumer of nutrients and water in your yard. During the summer, the weeds can get even worse as the roots strengthen, making it difficult to pull them out. The best way to minimize weed in your yard is by handpicking it when the soil is still moist.

Loosen the soil

If you have flower beds, you will need to loosen it up after winter as the moisture, and low temperature can make the soil compact and cloggy for water. Loosening up soil can help oxygen and water reach the plant’s root properly.

Redraw the garden beds

Redraw the boundaries between different garden beds and grass. The wider the garden beds the more care they will need. Fill the beds with mulch for up to 2-3 inches which will remove any weeds automatically. Once this is done, you can begin planting the new-season flowers and plants.

Feed your lawn

Fertilizing your yard during the spring season can provide the right nourishment for evergreen plants that can last for the entire year. Choose the fertilizers that have slow nitrogen sources. When you fertilize the grass, apply lightly. If you overdo the fertilization, it can cause diseases to the grass and plants.

Seed bare patches

Seeding your yard with the right plants should take place during the end of the autumn season. Be careful as you do not need to hurry up if the soil is too wet. Use a rake to scuff up the area which will loosen the soil. Scrape some compost in the area and sprinkle the grass seeds on the top. Keep the soil moist and heavily shaded.

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