Easy Ways to Decorate the House with Orchids

House with Orchids

Orchids are a fresh way of decorating your home with natural beauty and aroma. Nothing can bring life inside your home other than some fresh florals than keep the environment bloomy and bright. There are several types of orchids available from white to blue to rich purple shades. Here are some ways you can use orchids to decorate and style you home better.


One of the personal favourites of our designers is the orchids on the vases. This trick never grows old for making your living room more appealing. Orchids and vases have always been a beautiful pair to be kept on any table or desk around your house. You can even set a stool near your window, especially for a vase. There are different types of vases to choose from. While your working table can use a smaller vase with one or three orchids, the one near the window can be tall enough to significantly complement the curtains.


Wall décor

Another idea that is trending among designers and homeowners these days is using a wall anchor to support the fresh orchids. The idea comes from the Phalaenopsis orchids, which are epiphytes. They grow in support of trees in the tropical climate. Having orchids on your walls will provide them with the natural feel and look. You can use well-crafted shelves to hold the orchids to your walls. For outdoor decoration, you can create an oasis by handing orchids over a wooden or iron lattice.


If vases are not your style, you can have baskets lying around your housekeeping fresh orchids for aromatic ambience.  Large baskets can manage several orchids in one place and can make it look like a beautiful party. They can get enough room for other plans if you want to be experimentative. You can keep a separate table near the hall window with a basket on top containing orchids and other plants altogether.



Orchids and alone create a positive environment for your living space. Imagine having an entire wall dedicated to plants in which orchids are highlighting the entire decoration. If you have enough space in the home to dedicate an entire wall to orchids, do it. It will be your own art gallery where you keep different flowers with orchids holding the entire charm together.


Use the right accessories to compliment the beauty of orchids on the tables. You cannot leave the entire table empty with a thin vase of orchids standing alone. Be creative and think of accessories that you can keep on the same table to make it look like a décor place. If you are more artistic, try keeping teacups next to the vase with a painting that holds the background. You can display orchids next to vibrant windows that will give it a more modern vibe and make your mornings better than other days.


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